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The most basic and powerful way
to connect to another person is to listen.

Just listen.
Perhaps the most important thing
we ever give to each other
is our attention…a loving silence often has
far more power to heal and
to connect than the most well-intentioned words.
~Rachel Naomi Remens

  Providing individual, couplesfamily and group counseling, I listen to you.

 Treatment specialization includes, among others:

 With a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, clients achieve the personal growth they’re striving for.

  • Individual Counseling - while you may be the only person physically sitting in my office, I remain very aware of the people who are in and around your life.  None of us live in a bubble without the impact of family, friends or co-workers.  We are all impacted by those around us, even as we simultaneously impact them.  I will pay attention to the impact of these people in  your life and how you conect, or not, with them.  (top)

  • Couple's Counseling - this can mean that you are dating, living together, married or even considering separation or divorce.   Couple's counseling allows us to deepen our relationships as we get to know one another better.  And yes, even if  you have been with your significant other for any period of time, none of us knows everything about the other.  In fact, remember how it felt to want to know more about your partner?  There was excitement and anticipation in the 'not knowing' that drew us closer and encouraged us to ask questions, to hear one another fully, to get to know them as we wanted them to know us.  Couple's counseling allows you to deepen that knowledge of one another as you each continue to change and grow over time.              (top)
  • Family Counseling - how do you define "family"?  Family includes anyone considered important in your life and who supports you.  These are the people who have a very powerful impact on how change occurs.  Including others in therapy sessions allows for hurts to possibly be healed, communication improved and outcomes to change.  (top)  

  • Parenting Challenging Children - Over the years I have heard many individuals say that they intended to parent their children differently than they were parented.  I also hear them say that they have "become their parents".  This is not to blame our parents because I think the majority of us set out to be the best parents that we can be.  That's all fine and good if you possess the correct tools for the job.  There's not much training that's given before our kids arrive except what we see in our own families, as the children in those families.  While we may say "I'll do it differently", it's hard to do if we don't have some good, specific tools to use.  I am a Certified Nurtured Heart Approach Trainer and work with my clients to pull their challenging children into success.  
  • Are you a dad who has begun to feel disconnected from your family?  You feel like you are doing the best job you can and not getting anywhere pretty fast?  Do you find yourself pulling farther and farther from your wife and kids and are not sure why?  Give me a call.  Dad Groups are forming now!  (top)  
How might your life be different if you felt free to be authentic, to yourself as well as to, and for, others? 
Imagine a world in which you did not have to censor your feelings, beliefs, ideas in order to fit another's perception of you? 
Consider what others might learn from you as you embrace life to it's fullest each and every day.
Believe that you can become this woman and that the issues of sadness, stress, fear, overwhelm, insecurity & relational challenges might be transformed in your transformation. 
   Create a vision of "true north" for yourself and follow it as you mentor other women and girls-becoming-women  to do the same.
  In an excerpt from his Frances Greenwood Peabody Lecture at the Harvard University Memorial Church (April 13, 2007), Bill George identifies our True North as: 
"...who you are as a human being, at your deepest level, your most cherished values, your passions and motivations, and the sources of your satisfaction in your life.  When you follow your True North, your leadership will be authentic and people will naturally want to associate with  you." 

I embrace this notion of authenticity in life - for myself and for my clients.  
Consider how therapy sessions might help you to determine your true north and set out on the path toward that wholeness.

Often anger is a sign of engagement with life. 

People who are angry are touched deeply by

the events of their lives & feel strongly about them.
“…Anger is just a demand for change,

a passionate wish for things to be different… 

And, as it was for me,

it may be the first expression of the will to live.”
~from Kitchen Table Wisdom

How might your life be different if you were allowed to hold and view your anger?  Allowed to feel all that you feel without having to "stuff it", not let it out?  This certainly presents a different view anger, doesn't it? 

How might your life be different if you need not reject or fear your anger?  ...your sadness?  ...your frustration, boredom or anxiety?  How might your life be different if you could accept and embrace all aspects of all of your emotions?  Might you express them differently, cleanly, in the moment that they are felt?

We're not taught to reject joy, calm, peace or passion and yet, we cut ourselves off instead of learning to respectfully and appropriately express these "bad" feelings. 

Have you ever been told that you needed "Anger Management"?  Have you ever been told that you needed "Joy Management"?  Have you ever reacted with anger when someone told you that you needed anger management?  I might if I were you. 

In my years as a therapist, I've noticed so many people seeking therapy because of anger issues.  As I've sat and listened to their stories, I've been aware of my own feelings of anger for them - the situations that they describe produce anger.  Why is it wrong to feel angry when we have been disrespected, carelessly mistreated, passionately wanting things to change?  I'm also extremely aware that the anger any of us express today is likely the product of months or years of built-up anger and so, how could it not frighten you, or those around you, if the response is more intense than the current situation warrants!  If we've been told to "control our anger", then, we feel out of control the minute that anger arises.  I see this as a set-up for failure.  How angry would that make you?

Who taught you to be angry?  Who taught you to deny your feelings of anger?  There is no blame, only a need to transform how we view anger, approach anger, express anger in a clean and appropriate manner.  Perhaps those who taught you, learned the lessons well from another and another in our long family line.  Blame is not the answer. 

How would you have others see you express anger?  Are you aware of your impact on others around  you - possibly your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren?  What are they learning from you?  Fast forward 30 years and visualize your children teaching your grandchildren how to react.  What do you see and how do you want to see it differently?  You have power in this process.  When we consider these questions, we consider new possibilities. 

If you believe that you have concerns related to your emotional health, please contact me. Let's talk and create new possibilities for you and those around you. 

  • Sliding Scale Services

    Counselors at D'Arcy & Associates Counseling Services, PLLC  are aware that, at times, the need for therapy comes at a time when finances are challenged.  
    We are also very aware that when you pay for services through one of the counselors at D&ACS,
    you are INVESTING in yourself, your marriage, your family AND your future. 

    Talk to us.

    Sliding scale services are offered on a limited basis.

    LPC-Interns at D'Arcy & Associates Counseling Services, PLLC provide fee-for-service sessions.  While under supervision towards full licensure,
    they cannot accept payment through 3rd parties such as insurance carriers.  

    What is an LPC-Intern

    Licensed Professional Counselor-Interns are licensed by the Texas Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors to provide counseling services to clients. These LPC-Interns have already earned their master's degrees from an approved graduate counseling program at a university or college program. While they were in their graduate program, these individuals had 2 or more semesters of practicum training during which they worked with actual clients at the university counseling center, a mental health hospital or clinic, or an agency. 

    They also worked in a master's level internship in varying agencies, groups, schools, where they acquired even more experience working with diverse clients. LPC-interns in Texas have already passed the National Counselor Certification exam. 

    They are Nationally Certified Counselors (NCCs), but Texas has more rigorous requirements for independent licensure. Texas requires that the LPC-Intern practice under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor for 3,000 hours. 

    The LPC-Interns at Delee D'Arcy Therapy are acquiring their 3,000 hours under the supervision of Delee D'Arcy, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-s or other fully qualified supervisors. 


I am an approved supervisor for both LMFT and LPC in the state of Texas. 
Please contact me at 713-302-6698 if you are interested in discussing supervision towards one or both license(s).

I offer both Individual and Group Supervision during the month.  

Supervision Rates are $50/hour:
Individual Supervision (1-2 supervisees) - $50/hour/person
Group Supervision (maximum of 6 supervisees) - 2 hours
Group Supervision - 3-6 supervisees - $50.00/hour/person