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Delee D'Arcy

Relationship therapy is not simply my job, it is my life's work. 
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Hi!  My name is Delee D'Arcy and I am both a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor.  Even though I had other careers before setting my sights on, and becoming, a marriage and family therapist, I know I have truly found my niche.  I love working with my clients each day and I am truly honored towalk with my clients on their unique path in self-growth and knowledge.
Before I go any further, I want to thank you for choosing to consider me for your therapy needs.  I am very aware that there are many therapists from which to choose and so I am honored today to have you peruse my website. 

I went to Stephen F. Austin State University out of high school and focused on Advertising Design and worked primarily in that field for 10 years.  I also worked in travel which developed my passion for seeing the world and expanding my boundaries!  I even attempted to sell touch-screen video components LONG before their time.  What I learned about myself is that I love working with people.  But more, I love working with  people who long for more in their lives.  I love helping them identify, create and move towards that which ignites their spirit.  And so, I returned to school at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.  I really researched which counseling program was best suited for me and believe that I found it in the Marriage and Family Therapy program.  I knew even then that we do not live in isolation but in the constant energy of those around us - family, friends and co-workers in this world.  My training has allowed me to fully appreciate the inter-connection that we all have with one another. 

I was born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast.  I am so happy to be serving the communities between Houston and Galveston and my office is centrally and conveniently located at 17045 El Camino Real, Suite 211, Houston, TX.  77058
As a woman, an individual and a marriage and family therapist, I can appreciate all of the experiences that we have in our lives.  I am honored to work with so many people in regard to women's issues, stress relief & relaxation, grief & loss, depression, anger & emotional restructuring, relationship issues and the parenting of challenging children.  I particularly enjoy working with men and women who are seeking to enhance themselves, their lives and relationships, creating a life of relaxation and calm over harried and hurried.

I am a practical, intuitive and interactive therapist.  Through counseling sessions, I will help you focus on solutions to your challenges. That means that even as problems exist in your day to day life, my focus is helping you create your own problem solving skills.  Whether in individual, couples or family counseling, I provide support and practical feedback to help YOU resolve concerns and long-standing problematic patterns. I  incorporate a blend of conventional and alternatives approaches, drawing upon a variety of styles and techniques to use what will be most helpful for you. With sensitivity and compassion, I will work with you to build on your strengths to identify and achieve life goals.

You have options....  

As always, you can call any of us directly to schedule your appointment.  Alternately, you can register as a new client, complete forms on-line, take a look at availability and schedule your appointment directly!  You'll also be reminded of appointments by both text and email.
Take a look and let me know your thoughts about how this works for you.  Follow this link to schedule an appointment with Delee.  

From Delee:  "Please note that I offer standing appointments for clients and so while it may appear that I do not have evening appointments, they may be currently filled.  I am aware that many of you seek evening appointments and I do my best to work with your scheduling needs.  Often, when a slot opens, I already know which current clients need/want a different appointment time.  Let me know how I can help you!"
Education:  Master's Degree in Family Therapy - University of Houston-Clear Lake
License, Certifications & Awards:  LPC & LMFT
Professional Activities and Memberships:  
           Clinical Member:  American Associate of Marriage & Family Therapists (AAMFT)
       Texas Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (TAMFT)
       Houston Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (HAMFT) - 2010 Treasurer; 2011 President, 2012 Past President, 2013 Secretary, 2014/2015 Treasurer


For more information, see Good Therapy.org I strongly identify with the mission of Good Therapy and it might be helpful for you to have this information before choosing me as your therapist.
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associates and Licensed Professional Counselor-Interns are licensed by the Texas Board of Examiners of their respective licenses to provide counseling services to clients. These LMFT-Associates/LPC-Interns have already earned their master's degrees from an approved graduate counseling program at a university or college program. While they were in their graduate program, these individuals had 2 or more semesters of practicum training during which they worked with actual clients at the university counseling center, a mental health hospital or clinic, or an agency. 

They also worked in a master's level internship in varying agencies, groups, schools, where they acquired even more experience working with diverse clients. LMFT-Associates and LPC-interns in Texas have already passed the National Counselor Certification exam(s). 

They are Nationally Certified Counselors (NCCs), but Texas has more rigorous requirements for independent licensure. Texas requires that the LMFT-Associates and LPC-Intern practice under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor for 3,000 hours. 

The LMFT-Associates and LPC-Interns at Delee D'Arcy Therapy are acquiring their 3,000 hours under the supervision of Delee D'Arcy, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-s or other fully qualified supervisors.