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TransformationStarts With You
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Counseling for Women

Houston-Area Counseling for Women


Find Your Voice…    

...Your Strength…

...and Your Fun!


Many of my clients are incredible women. I know some of you find me because you’re searching for something to help your husbands, but what about you?

Could you use a no-bull, whipsmart, funny and trustworthy therapist?


Do you…

·      Feel like you’ve lost your voice?

·      Feel like a doormat sometimes for your family?

·      Feel like you’re always there for everyone else, but no one returns the favor?


I help women who are the Doers in their families.


           You remember to refill the prescriptions.

           You remember it’s Teacher Appreciation Week.

           You remember your aunt needs a drive to the doctor, and your husband has shirts at the cleaners, and your boss needs you working late on Thursday so you better plan a sitter and an easy dinner and on and on.


And you’re damn tired.


And you don’t see a way off the hamster wheel.


(But there is one.)


Work with me and find your voice.


I’ve been through this process in my own life, and I love helping other women do the same. I’ve had long relationships with men who were alcoholic or had other severe problems that made me feel powerless, stuck, and lonely.


And I came out stronger.


And I’m still close to those men!


A whole new you can happen right inside the life you already have.

I’ll be there every step of the way.


Let's get you in to see me.