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Counseling for Men

Houston-Area Counseling for Men


Up Your Confidence

Supercharge Your Marriage

Take Control of Your Life (the Right Way)



I work with good guys who are stuck in this cycle:


·      You show up for everybody all day.

·      There’s nonstop pressure: perform at work, help more at home, be superdad all weekend.

·      The stress piles up.

·      You bottle it. (I mean, what else are you supposed to do?)

·      You feel low-level irritated (let’s be honest: pissed off) all the time.

·      You can’t remember the last time you were truly relaxed and happy.


Your wife is mad you don’t connect anymore.

Your kids are afraid you’re gonna blow.

And if your GD boss sends you one more email dumping his work on your plate…


Remember that easygoing guy you used to be?

Before mortgages and kids and everything getting so complicated?


He’s still there.

And you’re still him.

(And I help guys like you say sayonara to that cycle.)


Why Counseling?


           Do you think anyone at the top of their game doesn’t use coaching and therapy?

           Everyone—athletes, CEOs, movie stars—they all use therapy and coaching. It’s the ace up their sleeve that pushes them to the next level.

           And now you’ve got an ace, too.


But isn’t Counseling all Touchy-Feely Emotional?

           Listen, I’m born-and-bred Texan. I call it like I see it. If you need to deal with some emotions, fine. If that’s not your style, no problem.

           My job is to help you feel like yourself again, and that looks different for every guy.


What can Counseling Do for Me?

           Help you regroup.

           Reconnect you with your wife and family.

           Help you excel at work (and maybe even like it again?).

           Help you get back on top of your life, instead of life calling all the shots and knocking you around.


Why Now?

           Well…the clock is ticking.

           We don’t get endless time to screw around here.

           You know what you want. You need a plan to make it happen and a pro like me to point out your blind spots before they derail you.

Let's get you in to see me.