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TransformationStarts With You
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About Delee

I’m Delee.

           I’m a Houston-area counselor for men and women who are tired from doing it all. The main feedback I hear from my clients is  how they trust me and feel comfortable and BOOM…out comes all the truth.

I am no bull.


           We get to the real work faster because I’m tough and I’m smart…just like my clients.


           Some female counselors are a little nervous or intimidated working with men, but not me. I love watching my guys remember how strong they are and how much they can do. And I love watching the women I work with step into their voices and create new dreams as they go through new life stages.


I’m like a personal trainer for your brain.


If your spouse is on the verge of leaving…

If you don’t remember the last time you felt really happy…

If work and life stress are killing you…


We need to talk.



Why feel miserable any longer than you have to?


Let's get you in to see me!