Counseling, whether individual, marriage or family therapy, is a very personal decision people make in, and for,  their lives.  Judith Duerck, author of "Circle of Stones" asks the question: "How might your life have been different...?" Do you yearn for a place to sit, become peaceful and believe your words, wishes and fears are heard honestly and completely? A place where you can breathe deeply into your soul and feel free of the worries and stress of your day? A time to consider options instead of reacting to the people and concerns of the world around you? I invite you to consider how you might grow and thrive in such a place. How might your life be different? Possibilities abound!

I believe we all possess the strengths and the skills necessary to achieve such peace - in ourselves and in our families. I believe that it is easy to become overwhelmed and once we do, it becomes more difficult to access and believe in our skills.  Therapy offers you the option of seeing new possibilities, of trying new behaviors. Allow me to support you along your path toward a less-stressed and relaxed life.

Call me. Your worries, stress and fears can be resolved. Your determination and my experience as a family therapist can create the fulfilment of a greater sense of happiness and contentment for you and your family. Your weariness and frustration can be replaced with peace and joy. Just consider how your life might be different with the right counselor for YOU.

Thank you for visiting my website and choosing to consider me for your therapy needs.

I invite you to learn more about Jen Carlin, MA, LPC-Intern, LMFT-Associate
 or me on the 'DDT Associates' page as additional options for your therapy needs at D'Arcy & Associates Counseling Services, PLLC .  I respect my associates for the skill, talent and expertise that they bring to the table.  We have the common goal of supporting you through your current life transition and getting you back on a more productive path towards greatness, peace and harmony in your life.  Call us!

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Our waiting area.  Please help yourself to coffee, tea or 
even on occasion, hot chocolate or apple cider. 
Relaxing music will invite you to breathe deeply 
as you wait for your therapist to invite you back.  

Welcome to Delee's office. 
Warm and inviting, you can get comfortable 
as we discuss the concerns that impact your life.

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